6 September, 2016 admin0

From the start to finish, It was PERFECT!!! Everyone loved everything! Thank you for all of your amazing hard work! He are very Happy.

Really thank you!


6 September, 2016 admin0

Very happy with the effort and time Marce put into our wedding, this exceeded my expectations.

It was unfortunate to change the venue as it did not rain at night- but I understand Marce’s position on this and a decision needed to be made.

Gracias Marce


6 September, 2016 admin0

Hillary comments:

Marcela, I really appreciate everything that you did to help us make our day so beautiful and easy.  I especially appreciate all that you helped us with while we were in Huatulco.  Thank you so much for taking me around to find a Mexican-style American hamburger! 🙂

Victor comments:

We really appreciate you driving us to the beach between the ceremony and the reception so that we can take pictures.  Those photos are some of our favorites.